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Sotto Sotto Restaurant brings the romance of Italy to the heart of Toronto. Guests are captivated by its enchanting atmosphere, coupled with authentic Italian cuisine and a wide variety of wines. Perfect for a romantic evening by candlelight. Sotto Sotto presents an ideal escape from the ordinary with its inviting décor and delicious Mediterranean dishes. It's no wonder Sotto Sotto attracts so many celebrities. Reservations by phone only.

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July 2, 2017
“The service is exceptional, food is top notch and the atmosphere is very nice and intimate.”
- Monique Burke via FACEBOOK
March 27, 2016
“Thank you @tastetoronto for the honour! Best #1gnocchi in Toronto! We are honored to be amongst great restaurants. Top 15 list on TasteToronto.ca”
Oct. 18, 2016
“Practice with the boys. Dinner at @SottoSottoResto after. A perfect day in the 6. Stay warm my friends!”
Dec. 20, 2016
“When you're seated next to a Nonna who is instructing the staff in Italian you know you're in for something special.
If you want high quality, excellent, authentic Italian food, this is the place. The service was exquisite and friendly. The food incomparable and delicious. Yes, the prices are a bit high but this is truly, no nonsense authentic Italian that I've not seen anywhere else.”
Mar. 12, 2017
“Celebrated my Wedding Anniversary here not too long ago, the service was incredible and the food was outstanding!!!”
Jan. 2, 2015
“Sotto Sotto: How a small restaurant became a 'second home' for A-list stars.... It truly is harder to name celebrities who have not Sotto’d at one time or another, to use a verb first coined by Toronto stargazer Rita Zekas: Justin Bieber, Brad Pitt, Bono, Bill Murray, David Beckham, Burt Reynolds, Brook Shields, Bruce Willis, Blake Lively, Ben Affleck – and that’s just the Bs.”
FEB. 7, 2017
“Wow! Another great discovery this week in Toronto. What a fabulous, authentic Italian restaurant! ”
The food, the attentive service and the Italian accent from everyone was... just music to my ears!”